Hot Stone Reflexology

Hot Stones dramatically improve the effectiveness of any reflexology treatment. When I use iron rich, volcanic, basalt stones, you are engulfed in warmth and they help achieve the deepest level of relaxation. Heat penetrates more deeply than finger pressure, reaching up to seven centimetres (7 cm) into the tissues. This intensified treatment works on the mind, body and spirit.

Key benefits of hot stone reflexology:

  • It powerfully enhances pain & mobility, and sports & injuries reflexology treatments. The heat from the stones has the ability to substantially reduce muscular tension and enhance flexibility in the connective tissues. A relaxed body heals more quickly
  • It greatly improves fertility reflexology and menopause & hormone reflexology treatments. The stones allow me to work more precisely and deeply on specific points in the hormonal system. I use a combination of hot and cold stones for this purpose and also incorporate crystal therapy
  • It improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • It promotes the release and elimination of toxins
  • It has a sedating effect on the nervous system
  • It boosts the immune system
  • Psychologically hot stones are soothing, comforting and give feelings of security and safety, whilst releasing tension and anxiety
  • Cold stones have a refreshing and invigorating action on the body. They can act as an analgesic, ‘numbing’ pain and reducing inflammation by checking the flow of blood. Soft tissue manipulation is less painful and injuries can be worked more intensely
  • Cold stones are useful for reducing sinus congestion, easing constipation, headaches, strained muscles and improving immune function

I tailor my treatments to suit the needs of the client, incorporating hot and cold stones and crystals. It is estimated that one stroke of a hot stone is worth five strokes with the hand! The power of a reflexology treatment and the lasting effects are much stronger than a ‘normal’ reflexology treatment.

I massage the lower legs and feet with hot stones and essential oils. I also use hot stones between the toes, under the Achilles tendon and wrap another to warm the sole of the foot to help stimulate the digestive system.

If possible, please wear loose trousers so I can massage the lower legs. I can provide a wrap around, Velcro fastening towel if tighter trousers need removing.


Thank you for your interest. My client list is currently at full capacity, I'm operating a cancellation list for new clients who wish to book an appointment. Please feel free to contact me.