Respiratory Reflexology

The chest is an incredibly important part of the body; it is the seat of the heart and the lungs. Many of us ignore the health of these organs and put them under increasing pressure by: soldiering on when we have a respiratory infection, not exercising adequately and engaging in bad habits; such as, smoking and vaping. We are also constantly exposed to environmental toxins, bacteria, viruses and moulds.

The components of the respiratory system are: the nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, diaphragm, sinuses and lungs. This system ensures the continuing supply of oxygen to cells throughout the body as well as removing carbon dioxide waste products. During the breathing process; the respiratory system filters, warms, and humidifies inhaled air. Components within the respiratory system can also influence speech or sound production and sense of smell.

Respiratory reflexology has several positive effects which include: improved lung function, enhanced breathing pattern, deeper and more relaxed breathing, decongestion of airway passages and relieved constriction of chest muscles.

As a reflexologist, I work the reflexes for the entire respiratory system as well as the nervous system that supports the organs and muscular system of the chest. I use hot stones and cold stones in my treatments alongside vertical reflexology (VRT) and nerve reflexology techniques. I also use respiratory and immune stimulant essential oils to actively support the immune system and the body’s detoxification pathways.

Infections, allergies & asthma

The majority of my clients present with respiratory infections, allergies and asthma symptoms. Reflexology is particularly effective at shifting blocked catarrh, relieving sinus pain, ‘bringing out’ a cold and speeding recovery. Asthma sufferers report that their breathing is calmer and deeper with regular treatments. They often find that they have less need for their inhaler and in some instances, they no longer need medical support. Allergy sufferers often combine homeopathy with reflexology treatments to obtain relief from their symptoms, in particular those arising from hay fever.

Ear, nose & throat congestion

I offer Hopi ear candling treatments which are ideal for clients with inner ear problems. I combine ear candling with a short, respiratory reflexology routine. This very effectively works both the inner ear (sinuses and eustachian tube) and outer ear (eardrum and canal), helping to relieve blockages.

Respiratory disorders, repair & recovery

I have worked with more serious respiratory disease; such as, recurring bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, COPD and pneumonia. My focus in these cases is to enhance lung function whilst, where possible, supporting the recovery and repair of the respiratory system.

Research into reflexology for asthma

Jenny Lee, MCSP, MAR, Chartered Physiotherapist and qualified reflexologist has undertaken a number of studies since 1999 in conjunction with GPs, examining the effects of reflexology on asthma in children.  The encouraging results have shown a reduction in asthma symptoms, improved sleep patterns, greater ability to relax and crucially, how much the treatment itself was enjoyed.

Self help

Please see the basic pdf guide about Respiratory Reflexology


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