Baby & Toddler Reflexology

I offer baby reflexology tuition to parents and carers on a one-to-one basis or, in small, group sessions. Everyone who looks after babies is encouraged to attend and welcomed. Examples of clients include: expectant and first-time mothers and fathers, carers, paediatric nurses and nursery nurses. I can accommodate up to three babies and four adults at a time in my treatment room.

The one-hour tuition session focuses on the benefits of reflexology for baby’s digestive and respiratory system. There is no need to make notes as I provide handouts to take away. I also offer basic training with supportive handouts for baby massage and provide information regarding which essentials oils are safe to use.

Tuition and handouts include information relating to:

  • Reflexology for the digestive system – colic, constipation, wind, vomiting and diarrhoea. Ease tummy pain, relieve early evening crying from colic pain, encourage regular morning bowel movements and avoid dealing with a ‘large poo’ in a public toilet
  • Reflexology for the respiratory system – asthma, allergies, colds, coughs, infections and flu. Ease chest tightness, shift catarrh, reduce ear and sinus pain, support asthma and breathing difficulties
  • How to use essential oils – guidelines for use and safe dilutions for babies and toddlers
  • Essential oils for baby and toddler – a small selection of oils to support sleep, digestion, respiratory and emotional difficulties

Reflexology is a great opportunity to develop a strong, emotional bond between baby and carer. Once mastered, the two routines can be delivered in a fuss free, five-minute treatment. I have even been known to treat sleeping babies and to take the foot of a sick child from beneath a duvet.

The reflexology routine can be used as the child grows to continue to support them with respiratory, digestive complaints and relaxation. Usually, children love having a little bit of reflexology. As well as being a perfect therapy for easing common ailments, most babies and children find it very relaxing.

Research into reflexology for babies & children

Jenny Lee, MCSP, MAR, Chartered Physiotherapist, qualified reflexologist and teacher has been working with mothers and young children since 1999. She has carried out a number of studies in conjunction with GPs examining the effects of reflexology on asthma in children.  The encouraging results showed reduced asthma, better sleep patterns, greater ability to relax and, most importantly, how much the children enjoyed the treatment itself.


Thank you for your interest. My client list is currently at full capacity, I'm operating a cancellation list for new clients who wish to book an appointment. Please feel free to contact me.