How to use essential oils on babies

Dilutions & Blending

If you are using more than one essential oil then mix them together neat/undiluted in a small glass first before adding them to your carrier oil. Chemically they are much more effective and the blend will be stronger. For massage, baths, compresses and atomisers/sprays to be applied directly to the skin follow the guidelines below. Don’t use essential oils on babies younger than 8 weeks old as they are developing their immune system and the oils are anti- bacterial. For newborn babies consult a qualified Aromatherapist who can blend products for specific conditions.

No. Drops in 30 ml carrier oil
8 weeks – 2 months.. 1-2 drops
2-6 months................ 1-3 drops
6-12 months.............. 1-4 drops
1-4 years.................... 5-8 drops


Aromatherapy is a potent and stress relieving treatment that keeps the mind as well as the body in a healthy condition. When combined with the therapeutic effects of massage, aromatherapy is profoundly relaxing and comforting and caring touch develops confident happy children. Essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil (Sweet almond, olive being the most useful) before being applied to the skin.

A full body massage for a baby is wonderful for both of you, but just massaging hands and feet can be very effective. A clockwise massage with chamomile for a child with tummy ache is very soothing and pain relieving. Massaging chamomile or lavender into the scalp is great for cradle cap, or using tea tree (see dilution table) on an older child helps get rid of nits!


Simply add the above dilutions as indicated for massage into 5 ml/teaspoon of olive oil or full fat milk. Mix the oils together neat/undiluted in a small glass first and then add to the carrier oil. Then add this mixture to the bath and mix around the tub. As well as enjoying the aromatic vapors the essential oils enter the body’s blood stream through the skin so your child benefits from their therapeutic properties.

Vaporised Oils

Usually this would be in an oil burner using a tea light, however, naked flames and fumes are not ideal around a baby or small child. A couple of drops neat/undiluted onto a cotton wool ball, onto a warm radiator or into a cup of hot water placed near a cot will do the job. Alternatively use an atomiser spray.


An easy and cheap way to scent a room, dispel odours or use as a refreshing face, hair or body spray. Add up to 10 drops of essential oil to 50 ml water and spray away. Ideally you should use distilled water available from your chemist, for long life, although bottled water or filtered water with a splash of witch hazel is good enough for an air freshener that doesn’t come into direct contact with the skin. For sprays to be applied directly to the skin see the above dilution guide for massage. For room fresheners add up to 10 drops to 50 ml of water. Shake well before use. Ylang ylang & lime are fantastic for freshening the toilet or after a nappy change. A lavender spray is great for sunburn and soothing for multiple insect bites. A blend of tea tree and lavender used with cotton wool wipes is a great alternative to baby wipes. Experiment!

Baby Wipes

Either make up a spray bottle and use with disposable tissues or use a small plastic container filled with cotton wool pads/balls. Mix together tea tree and lavender neat/undiluted and then add to 30 ml of water (ideally distilled but bottled or filtered with witch hazel will do) add this to the cotton wool balls and seal the container. Depending on the size of your container you may need to adjust the amount of water/essential oils.


A lavender or chamomile compress is useful as a forehead compress for reducing a fever, it’s cooling and soothing and the essential oils are pain relieving. This blend of oils is also useful for burns and scalds or for soothing sunburn and can be reinforced with an ice pack, or use an atomiser which has been chilled in the fridge. See the dilutions and blending guide and ensure the oils are mixed well within the water before immersing the flannel or cloth, simply wring out and apply.

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