Baby massage routine

"Remember a firm touch relays confidence and security. Talk or sing to the baby during massage or play familiar music. Begin routine by swooping"

legs & feet

  • Indian milking (stroking down leg from hip)
  • Swedish milking (stroking up)
  • Kneading (inside and outside of legs – use thumbs and finger pads)
  • Rolling (plasticine sausage)
  • Circles around ankles (using fingers and thumbs)
  • Squeeze and roll toes
  • Stroke soles with thumbs
  • Heel in palm (roll palm around sole of foot)
  • Hold soles in palms

  • Stomach

  • 'may need to loosen nappy'
  • Water wheel (applying oil in a clockwise motion with flat hands)
  • Cross the bridge (draw an ‘n’ clockwise with two fingers gently tracing the large intestine)
  • Massage the corners (massage the top corners of the ‘n’ where food can collect)

  • Chest

  • Open book (applying oil with flat hands up the sternum and out to the shoulders)
  • Butterfly (criss cross diagonally from left lower ribs to right shoulder with a flat of hand, repeat for the other side)
  • Tapping sternum (stimulates the thymus gland and boosts the immune system)
  • Circles on sides (down sides of baby’s ribs)

  • Arms & Hands

  • Indian milking (stroking down from shoulder to hand)
  • Swedish milking (stroking up)
  • Pit stop (arm pit – wrist to armpit lymph drainage)
  • Kneading (inside and outside of arms – use thumbs and finger pads)
  • Rolling (plasticine sausage)
  • Circles around wrists (using fingers and thumbs)
  • Squeeze and roll fingers
  • Stroke palms with thumbs

  • Face

  • Open book (applying oil with flat hands from chin to cheeks to forehead)
  • Around eyes (gently using thumbs, iron out a furrowed brow)
  • Down the sides of the nose
  • Circles on cheeks
  • Around the mouth (not for under 3 months, may encourage gumming)
  • Circles on lower jaw
  • Squeeze/roll ears
  • Tug lobes
  • Around ears to chin

  • Back

  • How do you hold a baby when you massage it's back?
    "I usually tell people to hold them over the shoulder, or lie them face down if they can hold their head up."

  • Back and forth (applying oil with flat of hand horizontally across the back)
  • Small circles (massaging with flat of hand over entire back)
  • Combing (stroking using fingers from scalp to buttocks)
  • Kneading the buttocks (releases tension, aids digestion, loosen nappy)
  • Massaging sacrum (use heel of hand)
  • Scalp rotations
  • Swooping (stroking flat hand from scalp to buttocks)

  • Wrap in a towel and cuddle x

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