Aromatherapy for babies

"Essential oils, with their gentle, calming and healing properties, can help your child when he/she is overtired, emotional or not feeling well. They keep the nursery/house smelling pleasant and fresh as well as having a soothing effect on the parents."

Basic Care Kit – Most Useful Essential Oils

Chamomile, lavender & ylang ylang are safe enough to use in the bath and for massage, so effectively they are safe enough to apply in diluted form to your child’s skin. Eucalyptus, tea tree & mandarin are very useful in vaporisers, atomisers and for cleaning and hygiene purposes.


A fabulous oil for skin complaints such as eczema, cradle cap and nappy rash. It is also very effective at calming the digestive system so it is ideally suited to relieving colic, wind, constipation and gripey tummy. It has superior pain relieving properties and can help reduce a fever. As if it didn’t have enough plus points it also has a very calming effect on the mind.


Nature’s cure all, everyone should have a bottle of lavender in their cupboard. Ideal for cuts, grazes, burns, soothing sunburn, as it promotes healing. Good for calming eczema, nappy rash and cradle cap although not quite as effective as chamomile. Lavender and chamomile are very effective when blended together. Lavender is also useful for helping calm anxiety and tension.

Ylang Ylang

The aromatherapists choice for insomnia, this is a very safe essential oil and is perfect for calming a restless and wakeful baby or toddler. Excellent for dealing with angry and anxious states and for promoting relaxation to achieve a good night sleep. It is stupefying in large doses and has proven sedating qualities. Useful for angry parents too!


A very effective oil for a cough, cold or respiratory infection and even more serious conditions such as the flu or asthma. Great for relieving congestion and catarrh in small children who can’t blow their own nose. One or two drops placed on cotton wool balls or into a cup of hot water placed near your child will enable him/her to inhale the anti-infectious and anti- inflammatory vapours..

Tea Tree

Anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. This essential oil is fantastic for cleaning and wiping down surfaces, soaking dirty clothes and nappies. It can even be used as a vaporizing oil to help clear bronchial congestion; topically it is great for head lice, nail fungus, cold sores and other infectious conditions.


An inexpensive and fruity oil that is great for quenching anxiety and restlessness in your child and family. Fabulous as a vaporised oil and it blends well with lavender. Put a drop on the dash board whilst travelling to scent the car, it is also ideal to use in an atomiser to freshen up a room, or use after a nappy change! In France it is used for indigestion and hiccoughs in children and is also antiseptic and anti- spasmodic. Useful for convalescence when a child is ill in bed.

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